8 Techniques For A Foot Reflexology Massage That You Absolutely Have To Try

Reflexology is here, Auckland, to make your week better!

It is 6 PM by the clock. The day is done and you are tired to the bone. You slump down in your chair and think longingly of someone massaging your feet.

Does this thought occur to you every day?

Well, you know what they say…if you cannot stop the dream, go make it happen.

HealthCure Massage is here to make the dream come true!

Have a look at some of our best foot reflexology massage techniques that will give you relief after a long tiring day.

Warm-up twists before the foot reflexology massage

To get your foot into the groove of the massage and enhance circulation in the soles of the feet, the warm-up twists are great!

Here is what they comprise:

  • The palms are laid on either side of the undersides of the foot.

Toe bends by our Flat Bush massage centre have gotten much praise

Bend those toes, Auckland!

No massage is complete without the bendy toes. Not only is this technique really great from health aspects, but it is a great comfort to anyone who experiences it.

Feet Reflexology Massage Auckland

All it involves is pushing the toes backwards and forwards gently. It is a great way to increase flexibility and our therapists at the Flat Bush massage centre know their way around!

The heal squeeze technique will relieve your stress at our massage centre in Highland Park

A simple but efficacious technique!

This amazing massage at Highland Park is done as follows:

  • Hold the top of the foot with one hand.

An Achilles massage at Highland Park to get you refreshed for the next day!

The Achilles tendon is located at the rear of the ankle portion. This area does receive immense strain and pressure especially in athletes, swimmers, sportspersons, etc.

Here is how the massage in Highland Park progresses:

  • The thumb and the index finger are placed on the back of the ankle in the region of the Achilles tendon.

Foot Reflexology at Auckland’s best massage centre

Though these warm-ups were part of the reflexology techniques, foot reflexology involves much much more.

Foot Massage Highland Park

The science of reflexology is stimulating the pressure points on the underside and soles of the feet. These pressure points are connected to the deeper organs and tissues and thus, any stimulation actually improves the health of those organs.

The basis of foot reflexology:

  • The body has an energy of its own.

Highland Park offers you a massage for anxiety!

Using the reflexology points to heal the body physically and psychologically, HealthCure Massage has a team of trained professionals who have put their minds together and thought up some amazing massages to calm your nerves.

This is what you can try too to relieve anxiety:

  • Curl your toes.

At the Flat Bush massage centre, you will see just how the fists can work magic

Using fists and knuckles to massage the feet works wonders. It creates a kind of pressure on the sore areas and breaks up any clots that might be present.

You will begin to experience relief from the strain.

Have you availed our massages yet?

If not, hurry!

Your stress-free session is just a call away now!

HealthCure Massage Botany provides a range of specialized therapeutic and relaxing massages at affordable packages in East Auckland.

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